A passionate team

The company Paris Gastronomy Distribution, specialized in agri-food exports, emphasizes customer satisfaction and human relationships.


Chief Executive Officer
Christophe began his career at Rungis at the age of 18, in the meat pavilion, where he quickly demonstrated his talents in the agri-food sector. Recruited by the company’s founders on the first day of its creation, he gained extensive expertise in exports. He has contributed to making Paris Gastronomy Distribution an essential player in this sector today.
His early experiences took him to the Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Martin, and St Barthélémy), and then to the Indian Ocean (Mauritius and Réunion Island). The successful development of these areas paved the way for new opportunities. Today, he heads the headquarters in Rungis as well as its subsidiary in Réunion.
From the early years, Christophe showed a keen interest in information technology development. As a pioneer within the company, he played a decisive role in the technological direction of Paris Gastronomy Distribution. For Christophe, “commerce” is above all a matter of human relationships. He believes that successful collaboration is based on understanding the needs and expectations of everyone involved. Surrounded by his teams, he attaches paramount importance to customer satisfaction, which guides the company’s directions.
Every day is a new challenge, and Christophe makes himself available to support his teams in this endeavor. With over 30 years of experience and the trust placed in him by his associates, he approaches each situation optimally and passionately shares his expertise. Like a conductor, he sets the pace for his teams to successfully carry out projects and achieve objectives.


deputy director
Antoine joined our company in 2012 as an intern, demonstrating a strong commitment to Paris Gastronomy Distribution from the outset. His enthusiasm and dedication led him to collaborate with us while continuing his studies. Over the years, he has successfully led various projects within various departments of the company. Thanks to his professionalism and willingness to excel, Antoine has experienced remarkable growth within the group. He has held various positions, including in Marketing and Sales, before being promoted to Deputy Director of Paris Gastronomy Distribution.

His proactive approach and ability to constantly seek solutions have contributed to improving our services and strengthening our partnerships. Antoine places paramount importance on listening to the needs of our partners, in order to offer them customized solutions and to move our group forward effectively. Endowed with a competitive spirit and natural curiosity, Antoine sees the company as an endless source of opportunities. His determination to achieve excellence and seize opportunities knows no bounds.

His personal experience has enabled him to speak English and Spanish, which allows the company to explore new horizons.


head accountant
Josephine joined Paris Gastronomy Distribution in 2018 and is currently the accounting manager. Thanks to her past experiences in other companies, as well as her dynamic temperament, she brings invaluable assets to our company. Her previous role as director of a previous company has provided her with diverse expertise, making her valuable in providing advice in different areas.

Endowed with a sharp commercial sense, Josephine excels in building strong relationships with our various partners. Her ability to forge strong connections helps strengthen our network and consolidate our position in the market. Furthermore, her mastery of Italian proves to be a key in facilitating new partnerships with Italian companies. Within the team, Josephine demonstrates unwavering commitment and great rigor in her accounting tasks.
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Supplier Accountant

Célia a rejoint notre groupe en 2021 en tant que Comptable Fournisseur. La mise en place de partenariats durables avec nos fournisseurs est une priorité pour nous, et le rôle de Célia est essentiel dans cette démarche. Sa précision et son assiduité sont deux ingrédients indispensables pour assurer le bon fonctionnement de la chaîne globale entre nos fournisseurs, nos équipes et nos clients.

Grâce au contrôle méticuleux exercé par Célia à chaque étape du processus, nous pouvons garantir une facturation précise à nos clients par nos équipes commerciales, ainsi qu’un règlement ponctuel et équitable de nos fournisseurs. Sa rigueur et son professionnalisme contribuent à maintenir une relation de confiance avec nos partenaires commerciaux.


Logistics Operator
Houari has been an integral part of the company for over 7 years, holding the position of Logistics Operator. With his expertise in packaging perishable products within an air freight forwarder, he brings know-how in the field of logistics. From the first step of the chain to the last, from product harvesting to delivery for their export packaging, Houari plays an essential role.

His adaptability, patience, and rigor are key qualities that make him a strategic ally for harvesting, inspecting, and making products available to our various partners. His contagious good humor creates a positive and encouraging atmosphere within our logistics team. Houari is recognized and respected by a majority of stakeholders in the Rungis market, a testament to his professionalism and dedication. He takes pride in delivering ordered products in the best conditions, ensuring the satisfaction of customers and partners.


Sales Manager
Vanessa joined our company in 2021 as Sales Manager. With her extensive experience in large organizations, Vanessa has brought a new dimension to our company. Her arrival has been marked by the implementation of innovative procedures, allowing our teams to better meet the expectations of our partners.

Endowed with remarkable kindness and an unwavering determination to satisfy our customers, Vanessa has succeeded in rallying her team around common objectives. Her ability to guide her colleagues towards excellence has had a significant impact on our company culture. Thanks to her expertise, Vanessa has contributed to strengthening our market positioning. She establishes strong relationships with our partners, while identifying new growth opportunities for the company.

Vanessa’s determination to excel in her role as Sales Manager and her ability to develop customized solutions for our clients have made her an asset to our organization.


Sales Coordinator
Audrey joined Paris Gastronomy Distribution in 2018 as an Administrative and Sales Assistant and evolved into the role of Sales Coordinator. Throughout her first professional experience within our company, Audrey demonstrated great maturity and exemplary rigor over the years. Her acute sense of precision and constant personal commitment have allowed her to develop remarkable leadership qualities. Audrey’s structured and meticulous work is greatly appreciated by our clientele.

Thanks to her ability to effectively manage administrative and sales tasks, she contributes to ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining strong relationships with them. Audrey has fully invested herself in her role, showing great proactivity in tackling challenges and seizing opportunities. Her positive attitude and team spirit have also been key factors in strengthening our company culture. Over time, Audrey has evolved and asserted herself as a leader within our team. Her ability to motivate and inspire her colleagues makes her a valuable asset to our company.


Export Sales
Caroline has evolved within Paris Gastronomy Distribution for over 7 years, transitioning from the role of Sales Assistant to Sales Representative. Throughout her journey, she has developed exceptional customer expertise, a sharp understanding of customer needs, and is recognized for her unwavering commitment to executing her tasks.

Her warm welcome and attentive listening make her an asset to our company. Caroline possesses a remarkable ability to establish trust-based relationships with our clients. Her professionalism and meticulous respect for the tasks entrusted to her make her a collaborator we can always rely on.

Her organizational skills and ability to manage multiple orders simultaneously make her a cornerstone of our company’s sales service. Her dedication to the company and its clients is a valuable asset that has a positive impact on our overall success.


Marketing Officer
Sara joined the Sales & Marketing team in 2022 as a Sales Assistant. Her ability to quickly learn and her versatility make her a driving force, capable of easily adapting to various tasks and responsibilities.

Her unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs and her determination in the different operations where she operates have sparked enthusiasm and satisfaction among our clients. Sara fully invests herself in her work, and her determination to provide quality service makes her an asset to the Sales & Marketing team.

In addition to her professional skills, Sara also brings a touch of lightness and good humor to the company. Her sense of humor brightens the days of her colleagues and helps create a positive and friendly work atmosphere.


Sales Assistant
Yemkeo joined our team in 2022 as a Sales Assistant, and from the beginning, his positive mindset contributed to a successful integration within our team. His collaborative approach and team spirit allow him to communicate smoothly and harmoniously with his colleagues. His commitment to his work and his sincere desire to make progress are evident from day one.

Yemkeo has a proactive attitude, always seeking solutions and opportunities to improve processes and optimize results. He actively engages in team projects and demonstrates active listening with various stakeholders.
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