Kalamata olive

Description: The Kalamata olive is a Greek variety, easily recognizable by its dark purple color and rich, savory flavor. Hand-picked in the sunny regions of Greece, these olives are renowned for their essential use in Mediterranean cuisine. They bring a distinctive and authentic touch to a multitude of dishes, whether it be salads, tapas, pizzas, or meat dishes. In addition to their exceptional taste, Kalamata olives are also valued for their nutritional benefits, being rich in antioxidants and healthy fats. Whether as an appetizer, a side dish, or a main ingredient, Kalamata olives are a true asset for culinary enthusiasts.

Our Kalamata olives originate from Greece and are packaged in jars or buckets, with sizes ranging from 180g to 13kg.

Kalamata olives can be stored in a jar for several months at room temperature before opening.

Kalamata olives are generally harvested in the fall, but are available all year round.