Aveyron veal

Description: Delicate and melting meat, Aveyron veal seduces with its tenderness and subtle taste. Raised outdoors, it is appreciated for its exceptional quality. An ideal choice for refined recipes, it stands out for its natural diet which ensures flavorful meat. Perfect for sautés, roasts, or grills, Aveyron veal guarantees gustatory pleasure, coupled with values of animal welfare and tradition.

Aveyron veal gets its name from its region of origin, Aveyron, located in the south of France.

Our cuts are available fresh and vacuum-packed.

Aveyron veal is available year-round, but it is particularly prized in spring and autumn. During these seasons, the outdoor rearing conditions are ideal, offering exceptionally high-quality meat. The calves, mainly fed on maternal milk and natural pastures, benefit from a temperate climate that ensures their well-being and contributes to the tenderness and flavor of the meat. These periods are ideal for culinary preparations that highlight this delicate meat.