Description: Pigeon is a delicate and flavorful meat, prized for its tenderness and unique taste. Whether sourced from hunting or farming, this delicate dish offers a tender and juicy texture, as well as a palette of rich and nuanced flavors. Often featured in gourmet cuisine, pigeon is a sought-after option for refined dishes, where its subtle flesh pairs perfectly with a variety of ingredients and spices. Its seasonality varies depending on sourcing methods, but it is generally available year-round, providing chefs and gourmets alike the opportunity to savor this delicacy at any time.

Store the pigeon in the refrigerator at a temperature between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius.
Use an airtight packaging to prevent moisture loss and avoid undesirable odors in the refrigerator.
To ensure freshness, consume the pigeon within a few days of purchase.

The availability of pigeon may vary depending on the seasons and suppliers.