vacuum-sealed Salmon fillet

Description: The vacuum-sealed trim C salmon fillet is an exceptionally high-quality piece of fish, prized for its freshness and delicacy. Carefully harvested, this fillet offers a delicate texture and a refined taste that literally melts in the mouth. Sourced from pure, cold waters, this salmon is distinguished by its vibrant pink flesh and subtle marine aroma that evokes vast oceanic expanses. Whether simply grilled, incorporated into sophisticated recipes, or served as sashimi, this salmon fillet adds a touch of luxury and freshness to every tasting. Rich in omega-3s and essential proteins, it combines gastronomic pleasure with nutritional benefits, making it a preferred choice for enthusiasts of healthy and delicious cuisine.

Origin of our salmon:

Our salmon comes from two main sources: wild caught and farmed.

The origin of the salmon is the North Atlantic (Norway, Scotland, Ireland).


Our salmon is available by the kilogram or piece, in various cuts and sizes.

Frozen Salmon: Enjoy the convenience of frozen salmon with a long shelf life. Store it at -18°C in your freezer. Thaw the salmon in the refrigerator or by immersing it in cold water, as needed.

When to enjoy it?

  • Optimal period: February to September
  • Good to consume: All year round