Description: The clementine, this little orange citrus fruit, is a true sunny treasure. Its thin and slightly fragrant skin encloses tender and juicy flesh, with exquisite sweetness. Perfect to enjoy as is, it also proves delicious in salads, pies, or as fresh juice.

Our clementines originate from FRANCE, MOROCCO, and SPAIN.

They are available in packages ranging from 1.2 kg to 20 kg.

Several varieties are available, including:

  • Corsican clementines
  • Clemenvillas
  • NADERCOT clementines
  • SOCULENTE clementines

Clementines, these little orange citrus fruits, are a true winter treasure. Their season extends from November to February, with peak production in December and January. So, it’s during this period that you can find them the most flavorful and juicy.

Corsican clementines make their appearance on our stalls in autumn, as early as October. Their season extends until January, depending on the varieties, which can be early, in season, or late.