Description: Tart and refreshing, rhubarb surprises with its unique flavor. Rich in vitamins and low in calories, it’s perfect for desserts and compotes. A touch of originality in cuisine, it lends itself equally well to sweet preparations as to savory recipes. Whether in pie, jam, or as an accompaniment to white meats, rhubarb brings a note of freshness and originality. It’s also an important source of antioxidants and fiber.

Our products originate from France, the Netherlands, and Germany. They are available in various formats to suit your needs:

– Fresh: from 5 to 10 kg
– Frozen: in 1 kg format
– Powdered

Rhubarb is a seasonal plant primarily available in spring and early summer, from May to July. It is during these months that its stalks are the most tender and juicy, offering a refreshing acidity ideal for desserts and other culinary preparations. Harvesting rhubarb in spring allows one to benefit from its optimal nutritional qualities, including its richness in vitamins and fiber. Its short seasonality makes it a highly anticipated product for gourmets every year.