Description: Strawberries are succulent red fruits, known for their sweet taste and juicy texture that melts in the mouth. Grown in sunny fields, strawberries are a true declaration of the summer season. Their vibrant red color and sweet aroma awaken the senses and evoke desire. Strawberries are more than just a fruit; they are an incomparable gustatory experience. Whether enjoyed alone, in fruit salads, pies, or smoothies, they bring a touch of freshness and sweetness to every bite. With their abundance of vitamins and nutrients, strawberries are not only delicious but also beneficial for health, making them a summer essential and a pleasure to savor throughout the season.

Immediate Refrigeration: Place strawberries in the refrigerator immediately after purchase to prolong their shelf life.

Storage in a Breathable Container: Store them in a ventilated container to prevent moisture buildup.

Wash Just Before Consumption: Avoid washing strawberries before storing them, as this preserves their freshness.

Removal of Damaged Strawberries: Promptly remove damaged strawberries to prevent mold from spreading.

Strawberries are seasonal fruits primarily available in spring and summer, from May to September. They reach their full maturity during these months, offering sweet and juicy flavors, as well as an intense aroma. The peak period of strawberry production varies slightly by region, but these warm months are ideal for harvesting them at their best.