Description: Endive, also known as chicory in Belgium, is a leafy vegetable characterized by its elongated shape and slightly bitter flavor. Cultivated in darkness to promote its development and preserve its pale color, endive is a versatile ingredient used in many culinary preparations. It can be consumed raw in salads, where its crunchiness and bitterness bring a refreshing touch, or cooked, for a softer texture and subtly sweet flavor. In gratins, braised, or even in soups, endive lends itself to various recipes that highlight its delicacy.

Our endives come from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Available varieties include, among others:

  • Witloof Endive (white)
  • Red Endive
  • Friseline Endive

Endives are typically harvested in the fall and winter, although their availability may vary depending on the regions.