Rabbit meat: a tasty and healthy choice

Rabbit meat is a lean and flavorful white meat, appreciated for its nutritional qualities and its wide culinary diversity.

Rich in proteins and low in fat, it represents an excellent alternative to fattier red meats. Its lipid content is particularly low, especially in the loin and thigh, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals or those following a weight-loss diet.

Our rabbit meats originate from France and Europe.

Our products are available by the kilogram or by piece in various cuts and formats.

Whether you’re looking for the freshness of a product with a short shelf life (DLC) or the convenience of a frozen product with a long DLC, we have the solution you need.

While farmed rabbit is available year-round, there are preferred times to enjoy it:

Farm-raised rabbit is generally best in spring (April, May, June), when it has had time to feed outdoors and develop tender and flavorful meat.

Wild rabbit, on the other hand, is primarily enjoyed in winter during the hunting season. Its meat, more wild in flavor, is particularly appreciated by those who enjoy a pronounced taste.

In summary, the seasonality of rabbit depends on your preferences:

  • Spring: tender and flavorful farm-raised rabbit
  • Winter: wild rabbit with a pronounced taste