Description: The shrimp is a highly prized seafood, characterized by its tender and delicate flesh, as well as its distinctive pink color once cooked. These small crustaceans are rich in protein and low in calories, offering a nutritious and flavorful source of essential vitamins and minerals. The firm texture and slightly sweet taste of shrimp make them a versatile ingredient, ideal for a variety of culinary preparations. They can be grilled, sautéed, boiled, or added to salads, pasta, and Asian dishes for a touch of maritime freshness.

Our shrimp come from various regions around the world, including France, Europe, Canada, South America, and Africa. They are available in various packaging options ranging from 1 to 10 kg, either raw or pre-cooked, to meet all your needs.

We offer a wide range of fresh and frozen shrimp, carefully selected for their quality and freshness. Our products have both long and short “Use by” dates, to meet all your needs and allow you to enjoy shrimp with ease.

Fresh Shrimp: Enjoy the authentic flavor of fresh shrimp within 5 to 15 days of purchase. Store them in the refrigerator between 0°C and 4°C, ideally in the coldest compartment.

Frozen Shrimp: Enjoy the convenience of frozen shrimp with a long “Use by” date of up to 16 months. Store them at -18°C in your freezer.

By choosing our products and following these storage tips, you are assured of enjoying shrimp of exceptional quality while keeping them fresh.

Shrimp are available year-round thanks to farming and fishing in various regions around the world. However, the best time for wild shrimp is typically from May to October. During this season, shrimp are more abundant and offer optimal flavor. Farmed varieties are a sustainable alternative, providing consistent quality throughout the year.