Description: The turbot is a delicate flatfish, renowned for its firm and flavorful flesh that melts in the mouth. Caught in the cold waters of the Atlantic, the turbot is distinguished by its marbled brown-gray skin and large, bright eyes, symbols of its quality and freshness. Its refined taste and tender texture make it a favored seafood choice among enthusiasts. Whether baked, grilled, or simply poached, turbot provides an exceptional culinary experience, enriching each dish with an incomparable oceanic note.

Our turbot comes from France, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. They are available fresh or frozen, individually or by the kilogram.

Our turbot is available with a short shelf life for fresh products and an extended shelf life for frozen products.

Seasonality: Turbot is traditionally harvested year-round, but it is particularly abundant during the winter months when the cold Atlantic waters provide optimal conditions for its growth and peak quality.