Description: The sea urchin is a delicately prickly marine delight, prized for its tender flesh and savory flavor that tantalizes the taste buds. Nestled in rocky seabeds and lapped by waves, sea urchins promise an oceanic freshness. Their hard outer shell conceals a treasure trove of subtle marine flavors, offering a unique and refined culinary experience.

Our sea urchins come from France, Spain, Canada, and Iceland. They are available fresh or frozen, by piece or by kilogram.

Our sea urchins are available with a short shelf life for fresh ones and an extended shelf life for frozen ones.

Seasonality: Sea urchins are typically harvested at their best during the winter and spring months when cold, nutrient-rich waters foster their growth and development. Their most intense flavor is often associated with periods of peak abundance and freshness, adding a special touch to gourmet tables during this season.