Description: Tomme cheese is a refined delicacy, renowned for its creamy texture and subtle, complex flavor. Produced mainly in mountainous regions, the various types of Tomme are distinguished by their unique character, influenced by the terroir and traditional production methods. Its rustic appearance, often with a natural gray or beige rind, conceals a soft and creamy interior that reveals aromas of fresh milk, hazelnut, and sometimes wildflowers. Tomme can be enjoyed on its own, paired with good bread, or incorporated into dishes like gratins, salads, or raclettes. Each bite of Tomme is an invitation to a gustatory journey through the heart of the mountains, bringing comfort and satisfaction. Rich in protein and calcium, it is not only delicious but also beneficial for health, making it a perfect choice for cheese lovers seeking authenticity and quality.

Our Tomme cheeses come from France and are available in various sizes, ranging from 500g to 10kg.

Tomme can be enjoyed year-round, but some artisanal varieties are especially prized in winter, particularly for hot dishes. Summer is also a good time to enjoy younger Tommes, with a softer texture and fresh taste.