Description: Cantal is a cow’s milk cheese with a golden rind and firm texture, embodying the authenticity of the Massif Central mountains. Its strong, slightly fruity taste offers an unparalleled aromatic richness, the result of careful aging in cellars. Produced under ideal climatic conditions, Cantal derives its unique flavor from the lush pastures and ancestral know-how of Auvergne cheesemakers. This cheese is distinguished by its granular texture and delicate aroma, adding a rustic touch to many dishes. Whether enjoyed on a slice of bread, melted in a raclette, or grated over a gratin, Cantal enhances each bite with its bold character. Rich in calcium and protein, it is not only a delight for the taste buds but also a source of health benefits, establishing itself as a staple of French gastronomy.

Our Cantal cheeses come from France and are available in various formats and cuts,

in pieces ranging from 20g to 250g and by the kilo from 1kg to 40kg.

Cantal is available year-round, but it is particularly appreciated during the winter months when its robust flavors bring comfort and warmth. The best time to enjoy it is from November to May, when aging conditions are optimal.