Sheep’s Brousse

Born from the pastoral know-how of the regions in the Southeast of France, Brousse de Brebis is a fresh cheese with a strong character. Its creamy and slightly granular texture, its mild and slightly tangy taste make it a delicate dish appreciated by all.

Produced from the whey of sheep’s milk, Brousse de Brebis comes in natural, ash-coated, or herb varieties, according to desires. Rich in proteins, calcium, phosphorus, and B vitamins, it proves to be a valuable ally for health.

Whether enjoyed plain on a slice of fresh bread, in salads, scrambled eggs, or reimagined in a cheesecake, Brousse de Brebis lends itself to a thousand and one culinary variations. Its freshness and unique flavor make it a summer essential, to be enjoyed without moderation!

Our Brousse de Brebis comes from CORSICA and is available in a size ranging from 250 to 500g per unit.

  • Brousse de Brebis is a fresh cheese, to be enjoyed mainly in winter and spring.
  • Fresh Corsican Brocciu has a shorter season, from November to June.
  • Brousse du Rove is a summer cheese, produced from April to September.

Tip: Opt for seasonal Brousse de Brebis to enjoy its optimal freshness and best flavors.