Description: Gouda is an iconic cheese originating from the Netherlands, renowned for its mild flavor and smooth texture. Made from cow’s milk, it comes in various varieties, ranging from young Gouda, characterized by its mild and creamy flavor, to aged Gouda, which has a stronger taste and firmer texture.

This versatile cheese lends itself to many culinary uses, whether sliced on bread, melted into hot dishes, or served in cubes as an appetizer. Its diverse flavor profiles allow everyone to find the Gouda that suits them, making it a favorite of both children and adults.

Our Gouda cheeses come from France and the Netherlands, offering a variety of authentic flavors. They are available in several forms: as a whole wheel, cut to order, in gram-sized portions, or even sliced. This diversity of packaging options caters to all your desires, whether for individual tasting or for your culinary recipes.


Gouda cheese can be stored for between 4 and 6 months, depending on its packaging. Be sure to store it in a cool place, ideally in the refrigerator, to maintain its texture and flavor.

Gouda cheese is typically available year-round, providing a consistent cheese option.