Description: Vongole are small delicate clams, renowned for their mild flavor and tender texture. These seafood delicacies are an excellent source of lean protein and are rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly iron and vitamin B12. They are often used in Mediterranean and Italian dishes, such as the famous spaghetti alle vongole. Vongole can be prepared in various ways, including steamed, sautéed with fresh herbs, or incorporated into soups and stews to add a flavorful touch of the sea.

Our Vongole come from Italy and Holland and are available in packages of 1 to 3 kg.

Vongole, or clams, are generally available throughout the year, but their quality and flavor are at their peak from September to April. During this period, cooler temperatures promote the growth and reproduction of clams, resulting in plumper and more flavorful shells. Therefore, the winter months are ideal for enjoying this delicate seafood in various culinary preparations.