Goat’s Crottin

Description: Goat’s Crottin is an artisanal French cheese, renowned for its robust flavor and firm to creamy texture. Made from fresh goat’s milk, this cheese is distinguished by its slightly tangy taste and earthy aromas that develop over time. Carefully aged, Goat’s Crottin reveals a natural rind, often speckled with blue or white molds, adding to its unique character. Whether enjoyed sliced on a crispy baguette, crumbled in a salad, or melted on a hot dish, Goat’s Crottin brings an unparalleled richness of flavor. Besides its distinctive taste, it is an excellent source of protein and calcium, contributing to a balanced diet. Cherished by gourmets for its versatility and nutritional benefits, Goat’s Crottin is a true celebration of traditional cheesemaking craftsmanship.

Our Goat’s Crottin comes from France and is available in various sizes, ranging from 50g to 150g.

Goat’s Crottin is often enjoyed year-round, but it reaches its peak flavor during the spring and summer months when goats graze on rich and varied pastures. This imparts an exceptional quality to the milk, reflected in the complexity and richness of the cheese.